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April 2019 Reflection

In the night. The starry night, I'm typing away. Getting excited about May. I've waited far too long
April 2019 Reflection
By Justin E. Harris • Issue #114 • View online
In the night. The starry night, I’m typing away. Getting excited about May. I’ve waited far too long through this night with these hopeful thoughts. Sending now.

Funding secured.
Am considering taking visionary private at $100.
All jokes aside, I’m already private. Advantages of owning a freelance creative business. During the night, I enjoy freelancing and hustling. Producing videos. Creating websites. Using creative thinking to solve hard problems.
❇️ Available for hire - just reply and let me know how I can help
Happily surviving
I’ve been happily surviving adulthood in the San Francisco Bay Area for four years now. It’s still ripe with opportunity and community. If I would have pursued higher education, I would be graduating this year. I’ve enjoyed self-directing my education, creating my own credentials, and making ends meet.
During the day
I recently joined Target — working alongside the New Ventures & Accelerators team in San Francisco.
With most of my previous experience being with small startups, it feels great to work alongside one of the world’s most recognizable brands on [Redacted], [Harm to Ongoing Matter], and [HOM]. Okay, maybe not all jokes aside, but seriously, I love this job.
Cut your hair
I’m unapologetically n-happy.
Crazy to think that one day, I could be bald. It’ll be a lonnngg time before I change my hair.
When people mention anything about my hair, I get nightmares about updating a countless number of avatars across all of my online accounts. You don’t want to give me nightmares, do you?
Portrait mode does the job, for now. Especially those nights when I’m Behind my Mac, designing a keynote, and pulling my hair out over the amount of tabs opened in Safari. I might get an edge up sometime soon. Maybe. Until then, stay visionary. Smile. Be happy!

Best Always,
Justin Harris
scribbles - posted daily on my instagram
scribbles - posted daily on my instagram
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